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DiggerBit Garden Trio


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DiggerBit Garden Trio

With this DiggerBit product selection, you’ll be powered up and ready to tackle your next landscaping project.
You’ll save $39.00 by ordering the 2×7, 3×7 and 3×12 DiggerBit collection.

  • 2×7 DiggerBit
    The smallest auger in the DiggerBit range.  Just what you need for punnets of flowers, vegetable seedlings and an assortment of small bulbs.  Ideal for weeding around established plants in your garden.
  • 3×7 DiggerBit
    The extra width on this auger bit is ideal for cultivating the soil and planting potted colour, tubestock and planting larger bulbs.
  • 3×12 DiggerBit
    With a longer shaft, this planting auger is optimal for digging further into the soil and is easier to bend down when digging. Great for your vegetable garden.


  • Use a 13 mm (3/8-inch) chuck size with a 18V or greater drill on a slow speed
  • Constructed on quality solid 5/8 steel shafting with a non-slip 3/8-inch hex drive
  • Hand-welded flighting

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

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You can dig holes with ease!

Built to last, all DiggerBit augers are constructed on quality solid 5/8 steel shafting with a non-slip 3/8-inch hex drive.

With hand welded flighting, all DiggerBit augers come with a Lifetime Local Warranty.

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