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Introducing the best tool for digging holes in your garden

3×12 DiggerBit planting auger

$65.00 + FREE shipping on orders

Deep Digging Our longer shaft planting auger is optimal for digging into the soil for deep cultivation, general tilling and preparing post holes. Fantastic for the vegetable garden. Hand Welded on Solid Steel Shaft 7.5cm (3inch) wide, 30cm (12inch) long.

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

3×24 DiggerBit back saving auger

$100.00 + FREE shipping on orders

Don’t Bend your Back Stand up and dig your soil. Great for those larger projects and will even mix concrete, aerate your compost heap and start your post holes. Hand Welded on Solid Steel Shaft 7.5cm (3inch) wide, 60cm (24inch) long. Stand up and dig your soil comfortably.

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

Make Your Outdoor Projects a Breeze with a DiggerBit Drill Auger

If you love gardening but hate digging, the drill auger may be the ideal solution. Every spring, homeowners across Australia begin planting lovely flowers, delicious veggies, and lush greenery – an undertaking that not only beautifies homes but also takes its toll on the gardener’s back. DiggerBit has the answer in the form of an auger for a hand drill. That’s right – this is an auger attachment that you can use with any handheld cordless drill to dig holes quickly and easily with minimal effort. The 3 x 24 Back Saving auger is very popular with the elderly or those who have difficulty bending.

Benefits of an Auger Drill Bit Attachment

There are many reasons why you might want to use a drill attachment auger in your gardening and other outdoor projects. Consider the following benefits of this innovative tool.

  • Versatility. You can use your auger drill bit for a variety of tasks, including digging holes for planting, installing termite bait stations, creating post holes for fences, mixing potting soil, and more. You can till small areas, blend fertiliser, even mix small batches of cement – you’ll be surprised at the many different uses your DiggerBit has.
  • Ease of use. Digging the traditional way is exhausting, not to mention hard on your back. The DiggerBit is an auger for a drill, which means that you simply attach it to any cordless drill for a fast and easy digging solution. Digging holes is incredibly simple and quick with this tool – a welcome change from hours of backbreaking labour.
  • The garden you’ve always wanted. Have you dreamed of a beautifully landscaped outdoor space but failed to achieve it because of the amount of work involved? This drill auger eliminates a sizable portion of the hard labour, making it possible for you to accomplish all you want and more, from planting trees to installing a fence, to placing grass plugs for a greener lawn.
3x24 bit

Common Mistakes People Make When Using an Auger Drill Attachment


An auger bit can be the fastest way to dig a hole, but it can also cause bigger problems if not used properly. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid to ensure a safe and effective digging experience. 

  • Not checking for buried lines. Australians can call the national referral number to check the location of any buried utilities before digging holes. They can also lodge a free enquiry on the Dial Before You Dig website.
  • Not being prepared for kickback. If you hit a rock, root, or another obstruction when digging, the auger could throw you off balance. If you think that hitting obstacles is a possibility, use a slower speed and keep yourself braced. Also, avoid digging too close to walls or other structures that you might hit should you fall. Using a drill with a sidearm will help prevent kickback.
  • Not using proper body mechanics. Gardening and other outdoor digging projects often involve bending, lifting, and twisting. Be sure to use your legs for lifting and absorbing shock so that you don’t strain your back.
  • Wearing the wrong clothes. Auger drill bits spin, which means that they can ensnare loose clothing. Be sure to wear close-fitting clothes, and check that there is no loose material on the ground that could become tangled in the shaft, such as landscape fabric.
  • Not knowing how to turn the auger off quickly. Should you have an emergency, being able to turn the auger off immediately could prevent injury. Be familiar with all controls before you begin, and make sure that you are confident that you can turn the machine off in an instant.

By steering clear of these common mistakes, you can drill the perfect hole easily, quickly, and safely.

Tips Regarding Using an Auger Bit for a Drill

When the weather is pleasant, and you have some time to work in your garden, the DiggerBit can make your job easier and more efficient. You can enjoy the best digging experience and the outcomes you want with a few tips.

  • Know what kind of drill you need. Make sure that your drill is compatible with your auger bit. Check the specifications on the auger you’re considering and be sure that your drill will work with it.
  • Call before you dig. Be sure to check with Australia’s Dial Before You Dig service so that they can locate any underground utilities. You don’t want to end up damaging a line that you didn’t know was there.
  • Keep the auger vertical. Once you start digging, keep the auger in a vertical position. You don’t need to press on it once it starts digging, just hold it vertical and let it do its job.
  • Limit digging to arable soils. You can dig holes with your DiggerBit in a variety of ground surfaces such as soft soil, hard soil, shale and clay , but do not attempt to drill through anything solid, for example, a rock.
  • Do learn about the capabilities of your auger. The DiggerBit can do a lot more than just digging holes in your garden. There are many potential uses for this tool, a few of which we outline below.
3x12 photo

Creative Uses for Your Auger Drill


There are several ways to use your auger bit when working outdoors. These must-have tools can do a variety of jobs, including:


  • Planting bulbs. A special auger bit for planting makes it easy to dig perfectly spaced holes of uniform depth for your bulbs. You can use these attachments with any power drill, which means that you can also dig your holes cordlessly.
  • Digging post holes. Augers aren’t just for planting – you can also use them to dig post holes for fences, decks, mailboxes, and other projects that require a lot of digging. This tool can make all these tasks much easier and less stressful.
  • Installing termite bait stations. Termites can be quite a nuisance, but you may not even know that you have them until they have already caused significant damage. An earth auger can make it much easier for exterminators to install termite bait stations.
  • Digging irrigation trenches. If you’d like to dig trenches for a sprinkler or irrigation system, an auger can make the job faster and simpler. It can also keep you from having to rent pricey equipment or pay a contractor, potentially saving you a significant amount of money.
  • Making potting mix. You can use an auger to put together your own potting soil by combining compost, pearlite, and peat moss. Premade commercial mixes can be expensive, and this method is easy and affordable.

About DiggerBit

DiggerBit is an auger bit for soil that makes it incredibly easy to dig holes and complete a range of other lawn and garden tasks. Every homeowner and landscaper should get to know this amazing tool, provided by a family-owned Australian business. We designed the DiggerBit when we needed an easier way to dig holes in the garden and now we are sharing delete double space it with you . Our DiggerBit is an auger powered by a cordless drill to effortlessly dig holes for planting, installing fence posts, aerating compost, and much more. We did extensive research into other auger products and decided to construct our own purpose-built tool to meet our specific needs. We also felt it was important to have our own quality controls in place, and we pride ourselves on offering auger bits that are built to last. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about DiggerBit.

You can dig holes with ease!

Built to last, all DiggerBit augers are constructed on quality solid 5/8 steel shafting with a non-slip 3/8-inch hex drive.

With hand welded flighting, all DiggerBit augers come with a Lifetime Local Warranty.

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