Planter Auger

Introducing the best tool for digging holes in your garden

3×12 DiggerBit planting auger

$65.00 + FREE shipping on orders

Deep Digging Our longer shaft planting auger is optimal for digging into the soil for deep cultivation, general tilling and preparing post holes. Fantastic for the vegetable garden. Hand Welded on Solid Steel Shaft 7.5cm (3inch) wide, 30cm (12inch) long.

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

3×24 DiggerBit back saving auger

$100.00 + FREE shipping on orders

Don’t Bend your Back Stand up and dig your soil. Great for those larger projects and will even mix concrete, aerate your compost heap and start your post holes. Hand Welded on Solid Steel Shaft 7.5cm (3inch) wide, 60cm (24inch) long. Stand up and dig your soil comfortably.

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

Purchase a Quality Planter Auger Through DiggerBit

Regardless of whether you are an occasional or avid gardener, a planter auger is always something that you should have in your collection of tools. DiggerBit is the proud owner of this planter drill bit that makes gardening easier.

Benefits of an Auger for Planting

If new to gardening, you may be unaware of the significant advantages of using an auger during the planting process.  Below are just a few reasons why using an auger for planting is an excellent investment: 

  • Breaks up the soil: Do you find that you are tired after manually trying to till the soil? Many times, there are large clumps of dirt that seem all but impossible to break through. An auger helps not only break through these hard pockets of soil, but it does so five times faster than you could do manually.  This tool saves you not only energy but time.
  • Improved overall growth: When you use an auger, you have an improved chance of better plant growth because of the soil cultivation it creates. You can purchase an auger specific to the size of the item that you intend to plant. For example, our 2×7 DiggerBit Garden Digging Auger is ideal if you want to plant seedlings or small bulbs because the solid steel shaft creates a perfectly sized hole.
  • Practical: Our auger is simply an extension of your power drill. You won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on delete double space new fancy equipment. Simply add the auger to the end of your handheld, cordless drill and begin to garden with ease. 

What Sets DiggerBit Apart Regarding a Planter Drill Bit

As fellow gardeners, we understand the need to have an auger that caters to your planting needs. When you shop with us, you can count on the following: 

  • Free delivery for orders over $100: Regardless of the size of your order, we commit to providing our customers with free delivery for orders over $100. Upon receipt of your order, we commence processing and typically post or courier same day or following day.   Upon processing address label, we email you the tracking information. .
  • Lifetime local warranty: We are confident that our auger will live up to the everyday wear and tear of planting and gardening. If anything goes awry with your piece, simply contact a member of our customer service team, and we will provide you with the information you need to take advantage of the warranty.
  • Versatility: You can use your auger for more than just traditional planting and gardening. Our tool is versatile enough to dig holes for volleyball nets, tents or beach umbrellas. Do you need to combine livestock feed? Be sure to have your auger handy as it is sure to make the mixing job much quicker. DiggerBit is also ideal for mixing your compost or cement.

About DiggerBit

The auger by DiggerBit was designed explicitly as a tool that every gardener, farmer, renovator or landscaper can use with ease and precision. A member of our team is always happy to provide you with more information. Please send us a message today.

You can dig holes with ease!

Built to last, all DiggerBit augers are constructed on quality solid 5/8 steel shafting with a non-slip 3/8-inch hex drive.

With hand welded flighting, all DiggerBit augers come with a Lifetime Local Warranty.

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