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Introducing the best tool for digging holes in your garden

3×12 DiggerBit planting auger

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Deep Digging Our longer shaft planting auger is optimal for digging into the soil for deep cultivation, general tilling and preparing post holes. Fantastic for the vegetable garden. Hand Welded on Solid Steel Shaft 7.5cm (3inch) wide, 30cm (12inch) long.

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

3×24 DiggerBit back saving auger

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Don’t Bend your Back Stand up and dig your soil. Great for those larger projects and will even mix concrete, aerate your compost heap and start your post holes. Hand Welded on Solid Steel Shaft 7.5cm (3inch) wide, 60cm (24inch) long. Stand up and dig your soil comfortably.

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

The Perfect Garden Auger for Any Digging

When you just love gardening and nursing a sapling into an established tree, you won’t let anything stop you from enjoying your passion. An injury led us to develop a garden auger to make planting a bit easier while not taking anything away from the joy of gardening.

The DiggerBit garden auger is a useful tool for more than just planting seedlings, and can be used to drill holes for fencing, poles or for anything that requires a hole in the ground. An essential tool for everyone who enjoys camping, ie burying compostable refuse.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding a Garden Auger for a Drill

When using an auger bit for a drill in your garden, you can use it for various applications, and for that reason, we have a range of four different products to choose from, so your tool meets your needs specifically.

  • 2×7 DiggerBit. Made of solid steel, this 5cm x 17.5cm auger is the smallest in the range and best to use it for punnets, seedlings and small bulbs. We do not sell drills with the augers, but you can buy the entire auger kit, attach it to your drill and be prepared for any gardening project.
  • 3×7 DiggerBit. When you plant your flowers, or you simply need to cultivate the soil before planting your larger bulbs, the slightly bigger 7.5cm bit is perfect for your larger bulbs that might just need a bit more space in the ground.
  • 3×12 DiggerBit. Especially when you have a vegetable garden, you need to do deep cultivation and tilling, or you need to drill post holes, which makes the longer shaft of the 30cm planting auger the perfect tool for the job.
  • 3×24 DiggerBit. The best tool for comfort gardening. The 60cm shaft will allow you to stand comfortably while you dig your post holes, mix your compost heap or aerate the soil–the ideal tool when you can’t bend – why we named it the back saving auger. You can even use it if you need to mix cement or such for bigger projects.

Once you have established which auger bit for gardening suits your requirements, you are also welcome to purchase the Complete DiggerBit Kit with all four the augers, or the Essential DiggerBit Kit which contains three of the augers.

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Problems our Auger for delete double space Battery Operated Drill Addresses

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As an Australian family-owned business we wanted to share the ease of using the DiggerBit with the gardeners and landscapers of Australia and thus provide free shipping, so you only pay for the auger for your cordless drill.

  • Flimsy tools. With qualifications in agriculture and having done our own landscaping, we saw the need for a quality, steel tool that will make gardening, landscaping and tilling, fun and easy to do. We could not find a reliable tool on the market that met our expectations, so we designed our own. The heavy-duty steel shafting and the non-slip hex drive are sturdy and reliable, and all auger bits come with a Local Lifetime Warranty.
  • Multi-purpose. After our own experiences and an injury, we needed a gardening and landscaping tool that offered everything we required to make the process a bit easier. Except for digging holes for plants, tilling or even making beddings for hedges, the garden auger for delete double space a cordless drill is also perfect for digging holes for deck posts or use in DIY projects around the home.
  • Ease of use. Anyone can use the tool. You simply insert the auger on a standard drill, and you are ready to dig. Such a simple tool can make digging fun and easy to do and less time-consuming.

Make gardening, post holes or tilling and concrete mixing a fast, effective, effortless job with our DiggerBit augers. Have a look at what other users had to say about their experience with the augers.

About DiggerBit

You can trust our products as they have been quality tested and only approved after we were entirely satisfied with the quality. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and fast, free shipping of our sturdy augers that will have no problem digging through clay and hard soil with its steel shaft. Contact us today to discuss any of our products.

You can dig holes with ease!

Built to last, all DiggerBit augers are constructed on quality solid 5/8 steel shafting with a non-slip 3/8-inch hex drive.

With hand welded flighting, all DiggerBit augers come with a Lifetime Local Warranty.

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