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Introducing the best tool for digging holes in your garden

3×12 DiggerBit planting auger

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Deep Digging Our longer shaft planting auger is optimal for digging into the soil for deep cultivation, general tilling and preparing post holes. Fantastic for the vegetable garden. Hand Welded on Solid Steel Shaft 7.5cm (3inch) wide, 30cm (12inch) long.

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

3×24 DiggerBit back saving auger

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Don’t Bend your Back Stand up and dig your soil. Great for those larger projects and will even mix concrete, aerate your compost heap and start your post holes. Hand Welded on Solid Steel Shaft 7.5cm (3inch) wide, 60cm (24inch) long. Stand up and dig your soil comfortably.

Please note:  The Makita drill pictured is not included.

Explore the Advantages of Using a Small Auger

Digging holes into the soil is a major factor in gardening and landscaping. Using a manual digger is tiresome and requires enormous physical strength to create space for a planting season. However, you can use a small auger and attach it to your cordless drill to easily dig the holes you require within a fraction of the time. DiggerBit supplies a range of augers to suit your needs, whether it’s gardening, landscaping or installing posts and mixing compost.

Benefits of Small Augers

The alternative to using a small auger is taking up a manual gardening tool and striking the ground to create the holes you desire. It’s not a scenario that every avid gardener or handyman is comfortable with, which is why any developments to simplify the digging process is welcome.

  • When you attach an auger to your drill, the process of digging speeds up, which in turn increases your production–it takes seconds to dig a hole for planting seeds or bulbs. As a result, you don’t have to spend all day digging, giving you ample time to focus on other tasks around your garden.
  • Since the auger is small and you can use it in conjunction with a cordless drill, it’s portable and easy to handle. Holding the drill with the auger isn’t heavy, which means people of all ages are capable of using the tool to dig into the soil. The power of the drill combined with the blades of the auger eliminates the need for you to use physical strength for digging.
  • Using an auger allows you to dig a hole that is the perfect size for the reasons you require. Whether you’re planting seeds and bulbs or need frequent holes in the ground to delete double space insert fence posts , an auger creates the same size holes to maintain consistency for your project.

What to Expect from DiggerBit Regarding Small Augers

We designed the auger after trying to landscape our property and realised that it was a fun and straightforward way to address multiple jobs. It’s for this reason that we wanted to share our idea with landscapers, renovators, handymen and women so that you’ll never procrastinate tilling, cultivating or planting because of the lack of tools. 

  • We stock a wide range of augers that are suitable for various jobs. If you require a small auger for your backyard gardening or a large auger to mix concrete and aerate your compost, we have the options available. Additionally, you will find the essential and complete auger kits if you’re a serious landscaper.
  • We offer a convenient online shopping experience where you simply select the auger you require, add it to your cart and check out using one of several methods of payment. After that, we will ship your package to any location in Australia entirely free.
  • We manufacture our products using high-quality steel, and we oversee the entire process to ensure that we maintain that quality. As a result, we offer a lifetime local warranty on our products, given that you use it as intended. 

What You Gain By Choosing DiggerBit

You can remain confident that you’re receiving a product that is of a superior standard and is highly durable. It will simplify your gardening and landscaping by speeding up the process and eliminating the physical effort on your part.

Contact us if you have any questions about our range of augers or head to our online store to make your purchase.

You can dig holes with ease!

Built to last, all DiggerBit augers are constructed on quality solid 5/8 steel shafting with a non-slip 3/8-inch hex drive.

With hand welded flighting, all DiggerBit augers come with a Lifetime Local Warranty.

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